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Manicure Manicure


This Manicure includes:

  • Cuticles Care
  • Hand Massage
  • Laquer Application

Spa Manicure$35

The Spa Manicure is recommended for clients with any types of hands. This manicure includes

  • Cuticles Care
  • Exfoliate with Organic Spa Sugar Scrub
  • A vitamin E mask that hydrates your skin
  • Hand massage
  • Laquer application

Gel Manicure$40

This manicure includes a classic manicure with the choice of gel color.
The most popular and convenient manicure ever.
No drying time

Vip Manicure$50

This is a combination of Spa Manicure and Gel Polish. This VIP manicure is highly recommended for the customers who need extra nail care and pamper.

Waxing Waxing

Classic Pedicure$40

This basic pedicure includes
- Cuticles Care
- Exfoliate with Spa Organic Orange Sugar Scrub
- Mini Foot Massage
Recommended for on-the-go or clients who come on a regular 2 week basic.
Extra Callus Removal $7

Milk & Honey$50

This Pedicure includes
- Cuticles Care
- Exfoliate with our Milk and Honey Organic Sugar Scrub
- Hydrating Mud Mask
- Foot Massage with Butter Lotion
This Milk & Honey pedicure is a great treat for tired feet!

The Works Pedicure$55

This pedicure includes
- Cuticles Care
- Callus Treatment
- Exfoliate with Spa Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub
- Hydrating Mint Mask
- Foot Massage
Recommended for tired and hard working feet!

Sport Pedicure$60 (Gentlemen recomended)

This Pedicure includes
- Soaking your feet in anti-bacterial Pepper Mint hot tub
- Cuticles Care
- Callus Treatment
- Exfoliate with OPI Menthol Sea Sand Scrub
- Hydrating Mint Mask
- Parrafin Wax
- Foot Massage
- No polish included

Deluxe Pedicure$65

This pedicure includes
- Cuticle Care
- Callus Treatment
- Exfoliate with OPI Green Tea Sugar Scrubs
- Hydrating Mint Mask
- Hot Stone Massage
Recommended for overworked feet


10 minute extra massage $20

A complete foot treatment includes
- 10 Minutes soaking your feet in Lavender or Mint anti-bacterial jelly
- Cuticles Care
- Callus Treatment
- Exfoliate with OPI Tropical Sugar Scrub
- Hydrating Vitamin Mask,
- Paraffin Wax
- 15 min hot stone massage.

Pure Zen$100

This special pedicure includes
- 10 minutes soaking in Lavender or Mint anti-bacterial jelly
- Cuticles Care
- Callus Treatment
- Exfoliate with OPI Tropical Sugar Scrub
- Hydrating Vitamin Mask
- Parrafin Wax
- 15 min hot stone massage
- 20 minute head, neck and shoulder massage
This is the perfect gift to yourself and your love ones to relax and unwind after being over worked and stressed or just to pamper yourself for the day.

Nail Nail

At bliss Nails we recommend Natural Nail Care, we care for the health of your natural nail.
Nail enhancements are recommended for customers with a No or very short Nail beds
Our concept is to go ECO friendly and organic
Please consult with your Technician for the best recommended service for your nails.
* There will be an additional charge for previous service removal

The latest Nail trend, The Alternative of acrylic.
Recommended for thin, brittle or oily Nails. Dipping powder is poaven to improve nail growth and are strong like acrylics and flexible like gels. Looks and feels natural, no liquid or UV light needed.

Fullset Acrylic$45+

Fullset Gel$55+

Dip & Tip$65+

Fullset Ombre$70+

Fill-in Acrylic$35+

(Regular nail polish included)

Fill-in Gel$45+

(Gel Nail Polish included)

Dip French$65+



The latest trend of nail service, an alternative of Acrylic. Recommended for thin, brittle or oily nails. It gives your nails a light support, yet healthy. No drying time, no smudging and longer lasting. **There will be a $5 additional charge for removal with services.

Lash extensions Lash extensions

Add these services to

Add Manicure$10

French$10 & Up

High French$15 & Up

Custom French$20 & Up

Custom Design 10 Fingers$5 per finger

French Feet$7

Extra Callus Removal$7

Add Gel Polish$15

2 big toe designs$8 & Up

10 minute extra massage$20

Paraffin Treatment Hand/ Feet$12/$14

Polish Change Hand/ Feet$12/$15

Polish Change Gel Hand/ Feet$25/$35

Polish change gel on acrylic$30

Lash extensions Lash extensions

Butterfly Chairs for children 60in and under.

Combo Mani & Pedi$30

Kid Manicure$12

Kid Pedicure$20

Kid Polish Change Hand$5

Kid Polish Change Feet$8

Gel Manicure$27

Gel Pedicure$35

(No complimentary wine!)

facial facial

On-The-Go Ladies Facial$40

On-the-Go Gentlemen Facial$55

This facial under steam includes
- Cleanse
- Exfoliate,
- Moisturize Mask
- Mini facial massage
Recommend for weekly use to keep your skin youthful.

Retreat Ladies Facial$60

Retreat Gentlemen Facial$75

This facial under steam includes
- Cleanse
- Exfoliate
- Peel off Mask
- Facial massage
This treatment will tone and bright up your skin.
Complimentary one glass of wine
Recommended for dry, dull and wrinkled skin.

Blissful Ladies Facial$80

Bliss Gentlemen Facial$95

This ultimate facial will stimulate, detoxify, firm and hydrate your skin through exfoliation and hydration treatments. Our unique masks will peel away dead skin cells, reducing pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. The natural enzyme content in our moisturizer increases collagen production leaving skin firm and radiant. Extra long head, neck, and shoulder massage along with a complimentary glass of wine. Recommended for over stressed and tired skin.


Luxury Pedicure Luxury Pedicure

Escape Massage$40

This 30 minute massage focuses on Head-Neck-Shoulders, helps release headache and neck pain.

Back Exfoliating Massage$50

This awesome service is designed to deep clean your back where you often neglect or can’t reach. We use Hot Steam to open up your pores and Green Tea Sugar Scrub to exfoliate away all dull, dead skin. Finished up with a hot towel and a moisturized lotion massage. Your back will be super clean, soft and well hydrated!

Retreat Massage$75

This 60 minute body massage helps relax your tired muscles and bring you a blissful feeling.

Deep Tissue Massage$90

This strong massage will help loosen tensed and achy muscles by using slow and deep strokes of pressure. Recommended for individuals who have consistent pain and soreness.

Add 10 minute Back Exfoliation$15

Add 10 minute Hot Stone massage$15

Luxury Pedicure Luxury Pedicure


Luxury Pedicure Luxury Pedicure





Side Burns$20+

Whole Face$50

(Nose $15, Ear $15)

Whole Back$55+

Under Arms$20

Full Arms$50

Half Arms$35

Half Legs$50+

Full Legs$80+



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